Girl friendly hotels in Saigon, Vietnam is a directory of girl friendly hotels for single male travelers to bring in girls or guests for the night Jul 28, 2016 - 10:33 AM  
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The Penthouse Hotel
in Pattaya, Thailand

The most "adult" venue in Pattaya!

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Country Information
The age of consent is 18 in Vietnam. Prostitution is illegal, as well as bringing girls into hotels. In practice, it is possible to bring girls into many privately owned hotels if you slip 10$ to the receptionist. The hotels listed here normally accept girls, but the policies can change anytime, please understand we do our best in providing that information. There are many massage places and KTV (Karaoke) places which offer more services, and freelancers can be found in the streets. Going rates are about 500k to 1 million VND for ST, and 1 to 2 million for LT. Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon) in the south is much more liberal than Hanoi in the north.
City Information
Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon) is still the party capital of Vietnam. The city is more liberal than Hanoi in the North, but remember that prostitution and working girls in hotels are still illegal.
Our priority is to provide the best info to our clients. If you notice errors, or if you have better information about a hotel or a city, please contact us: Thank you!
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A&EM Corner Saigon Hotel
in Saigon, Vietnam
    81.00 USD/night
Indochine Hotel Hoi An
in Saigon, Vietnam
   54.00 USD/night
Nam Phuong Hotel
in Saigon, Vietnam
   48.00 USD/night
Sophia Hotel
in Saigon, Vietnam
  47.00 USD/night
Thien Tung Hotel
in Saigon, Vietnam
    44.00 USD/night
Tan My Dinh Hotel
in Saigon, Vietnam
   44.00 USD/night
Thien Xuan Hotel
in Saigon, Vietnam
   41.00 USD/night
Lien An Saigon Hotel
in Saigon, Vietnam
   40.00 USD/night
Alagon Central Hotel&Spa
in Saigon, Vietnam
    39.00 USD/night
Empress Hotel
in Saigon, Vietnam
  35.00 USD/night
Dai Nam Hotel
in Saigon, Vietnam
  34.00 USD/night
The White Luxury Hotel
in Saigon, Vietnam
  33.00 USD/night
N.Y Kim Phuong Hotel
in Saigon, Vietnam
   28.00 USD/night
Boss Palace Hotel
in Saigon, Vietnam
    28.00 USD/night
Lam Binh Hotel
in Saigon, Vietnam
20.00 USD/night
Thai Binh 2 Hotel
in Saigon, Vietnam
  19.00 USD/night

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