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The Penthouse Hotel
in Pattaya, Thailand

The most "adult" venue in Pattaya!

Please note the following:
- we do not guarantee the accuracy of any information
- joiner policies can change anytime
- refer to the booking site for definitve rates
- we do not "recommend" to use the hotels listed here, and it is in no way guaranteed you will have a good experience with them. While we try to filter out the worst shitholes, our focus is on providing info on joiner policies. Please refer to hotel review sites for recommendations. We might add such a function later.



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Country Information
Thailand is the perfect country for partying, provided you find a girl friendly hotel! :-)
The age of consent is 18 for prostitutes.
There are girlfriendly hotels in all price ranges, but they often have very different joiner policies, ranging from refusing joiners, charging, or welcoming any number of them for free.
Prices: in Pattaya and other cheaper places: 500-1000 baht short time and 1000-1500 baht long time. (+300 barfine), premium clubs can be 2000-3000 LT and 600 BF.
Phuket and Bangkok tend to be more expensive: 500-1500 ST, 1500-3000 LT (barfine same same)
Please do not overpay and please do give a tip for good service.
City Information
Pattaya is basically a big open-air brothel, so there are no specific red-light areas. There are bars everywhere, specifically in Soi 6, 13/1 to 13/4 and Walking Street. Open air beer bars are also found everywhere, and particularly in Soi 7 and 8, and Beach Road is populated by numerous freelancers. Ladyboys can be found in the girls areas, while gay boys can be found in "boyz town", which a sub soi angling from soi 13/4 to second road.
Jomtien is another beach resort situated 10 minutes to the south, much quieter than pattaya, but with its own fair share of bars.
Most hotels in the Pattaya area are girl friendly. Though many hotels charge for guests, there are also many true girl friendly hotels in Pattaya.
Our priority is to provide the best info to our clients. If you notice errors, or if you have better information about a hotel or a city, please contact us: Thank you!
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List of girl friendly hotels (click names for details)
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policy hotel name hotel features class rate from
Mercure Pattaya
in Pattaya, Thailand
   1166.00 USD/night
Hilton Hotel Pattaya
in Pattaya, Thailand
    440.00 USD/night
Royal Cliff Beach Hotel by Royal Cliff Hotels Group
in Pattaya, Thailand
     417.00 USD/night
Pattaya Marriott Resort&Spa
in Pattaya, Thailand
    387.00 USD/night
Hotel Baraquda Pattaya Mgallery Collection
in Pattaya, Thailand
     202.00 USD/night
Rabbit Resort
in Pattaya, Thailand
   156.00 USD/night
Page 10 Hotel
in Pattaya, Thailand
     123.00 USD/night
$ Sunshine Garden Resort
in Pattaya, Thailand
   106.00 USD/night
At Mind Serviced Residence
in Pattaya, Thailand
    103.00 USD/night
Amari Nova Suites Pattaya
in Pattaya, Thailand
     99.00 USD/night
Nova Platinum Hotel
in Pattaya, Thailand
     92.00 USD/night
Bella Villa Cabana
in Pattaya, Thailand
     89.00 USD/night
1 LK Metropole Hotel
in Pattaya, Thailand
    87.00 USD/night
1 Aya Boutique Hotel Pattaya
in Pattaya, Thailand
     83.00 USD/night
1 Intimate Hotel by Tim Boutique Hotel
in Pattaya, Thailand
    82.00 USD/night
1 LK Renaissance Hotel
in Pattaya, Thailand
     77.00 USD/night
LK The Empress
in Pattaya, Thailand
     77.00 USD/night
Baywalk Residence
in Pattaya, Thailand
     76.00 USD/night
Sea Me Spring Hotel
in Pattaya, Thailand
    72.00 USD/night
Baboona Beachfront Living Hotel
in Pattaya, Thailand
   66.00 USD/night
Ibis Pattaya Hotel
in Pattaya, Thailand
   65.00 USD/night
LK Royal Suite Hotel
in Pattaya, Thailand
    64.00 USD/night
1 August Suites Pattaya
in Pattaya, Thailand
     60.00 USD/night
Nova Gold Hotel
in Pattaya, Thailand
     57.00 USD/night
1 Areca Lodge Hotel
in Pattaya, Thailand
    57.00 USD/night
Mantra Pura Resort
in Pattaya, Thailand
     56.00 USD/night
Basaya Beach Hotel&Resort
in Pattaya, Thailand
  51.00 USD/night
Welcome Plaza Hotel
in Pattaya, Thailand
   51.00 USD/night
1 The Residence Garden
in Pattaya, Thailand
     49.00 USD/night
The Penthouse Hotel
in Pattaya, Thailand
    45.00 USD/night
Natural Beach Hotel
in Pattaya, Thailand
  43.00 USD/night
Sabai Empress Hotel
in Pattaya, Thailand
   40.00 USD/night
April Suites Pattaya
in Pattaya, Thailand
    38.00 USD/night
Sunshine Hotel&Residences
in Pattaya, Thailand
  38.00 USD/night
Sabai Lodge Hotel
in Pattaya, Thailand
    38.00 USD/night
Pattaya Centre Hotel
in Pattaya, Thailand
   37.00 USD/night
1 Summer Spring Hotel
in Pattaya, Thailand
    36.00 USD/night
Pattaya Bay Resort
in Pattaya, Thailand
    34.00 USD/night
Sabai Resort
in Pattaya, Thailand
   34.00 USD/night
Holiday Inn Pattaya Hotel
in Pattaya, Thailand
    33.00 USD/night
Opey De Place Pattaya
in Pattaya, Thailand
   29.00 USD/night
Crown Pattaya Beach Hotel
in Pattaya, Thailand
  28.00 USD/night
1 Pattaya Holiday Lodge
in Pattaya, Thailand
   26.00 USD/night
Sawasdee Sea View Pattaya Hotel
in Pattaya, Thailand
  25.00 USD/night
Southern Star Resort
in Pattaya, Thailand
    23.00 USD/night
Sawasdee Siam Hotel
in Pattaya, Thailand
   22.00 USD/night

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