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merijn - Nov 26, 2009 - 06:05 AM
Post subject: Need help from experienced Dubai expacts
I need some help and advise from some experienced Dubai people.
I was never in Dubai and therefore know nothing about that place with his habits and possibility’s.
But I’m living 20 years in Thailand so I’m not a complete virgin 
As I’m only staying for 2 nights in Dubai ( between flights ) and I’m quite lazy I don’t like to travel the whole night around town to find some nice places ( read girls ).
Hopefully somebody is willing to take the time to point me a little bit in the correct direction or advise me in another way.
I read almost everything here and in other places to get info about where to stay.
My planning is to stay in the Crown Plaza festival or the Continental Festival as those hotels doesn’t have problems if you take a guest with you. ( is this correct ? ) and there is a good change of finding some nice companion in those hotels. ( please again correct me if this is rubbish what I say )
As I’m working in Russia I’m not interested in CIS girls but I’m heavily interested in Philippine, Chinese or even maybe African girls. Is it possible to find those girls in or close to those hotels?
I’m reading a lot about some bars ( York, Jockeys or Patsky ) and I suppose that those bars are inside hotels so maybe somebody can give me a list where those bars are.
Other possibility is if somebody knows a nice girl ( don’t have to the best looking but with a good personality ) which I can contact and can show me around for those two days/nights for a reasonable price off-course.
I know I have a lot of questions but like I said it is my first time and I would like to spend that time as productive as possible.
Admin - Nov 27, 2009 - 09:54 PM
Post subject:
did you try to find info on ?

they will probably have more info about where to find the girls you want.

About the bars you are right, most of them are in hotels.
This site concentrates on hotels, but I think if you search for the name of the bars in google, I am sure you will also know where they are located.

This site gives some bar locations in the city description:
/ name of bar , name of hotel /
There are many P4P venues in Dubai, most are discos situated in hotels, but it doesn't mean these same hotels are girl friendly!
But beware: Dubai P4P is quite expensive!
The Metropolitan Hotel deserves a special mention, since its Rattlesnake bar is one of the busiest P4P venues and the hotel is at the same time very girl friendly! (but don't tell your business partners where you are staying - the reason will be transparent to them)
TGIT, Astoria Hotel / Jockeys, Panarama Hotel / Imperial, Imperial Hotel / York, York Hotel / Regal Rockafellas / Rumours, Ramada Hotel / Seaview, Seaview Hotel / Rattlesnake, Metropolitan Hotel / Cyclone, Al Nasr Close to American Hospital / Premiere, Hyatt Regency / Amnesia, Next to the Hard Rock Café / Jules, Hotel Le-meridian / Broadway, Broadway Hotel
Please refer to specialized forums for better info

I can't tell anything about Continental Festival, but Crown Plaza was said to be girl friendly the last time I checked (this was some months ago). Those things change, and the best is to ask the hotel yourself before booking.
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